Design & Build

Streamlined Commercial Construction

Pro Construction of GA’s design-build service integrates all aspects of the construction process under one roof, allowing us to maximize the efficiency of the overall construction from design to ribbon cutting. Our team will handle the entire design process, including the engineering, architecture, plumbing, and structural drawings. Because the design-build process is in-house, it provides an efficient, more economical way to complete your commercial construction project. View examples of our design-build projects here.

Maximize the Efficiency of Your Project With Design-Build!
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Our Design-Build Process

When you call Pro Construction of GA with a potential project, our team begins with a preconstruction evaluation. We inspect the land, consider the location for your business, and grasp the overall dynamics of the project. This helps us understand your goals and better guide you to success.

Once we understand the general framework of the project, our team crafts a preliminary budget and begins to secure technical data, such as land surveys, and we start the permitting process with the local government. The preliminary budgeting information gives clients an early idea of the total costs, which can be helpful in forming a schedule and focusing the ideas for the building. Once plans and designs are approved, construction begins. Since Pro Construction of GA handles each phase of the design and building process in-house, the project phases are seamlessly integrated, accelerating the overall timetable.