What Our Customers Are Saying

  • "I would like to take this opportunity to highly recommend Pro Construction and Stephen Keys. They recently completed the construction project of a new 4,600 sq ft Airport Terminal building and 100 ft by 117 ft corporate hanger for the Perry Houston County Airport Authority. This project had more than expected challenges due to extended supply times, work force labor shortages, and manufacturing leave times. Stephen Keys and his team worked diligently throughout the project keeping us informed and doing all they could to minimize and overcome the challenges. During construction stages his team was a passionate activist for the airport. They managed the subcontractors and held them to the toughest standards possible. While perfection is nearly impossible the team of Pro Construction accepted nothing less. They attacked every challenge as an opportunity for success and often refused the path of least resistance for the path of what is best for the client. Pro Constructions on site manager (Simye Fowler) was tenacious in inspecting subcontractors work often making them re-do work striving for perfection. Simye advocated for the airport, always available always listening and keeping us well informed on a daily basis. Simye was meticulous in keeping the work site clean despite torrential rains and mountains of mud. Finally, Stephen Keys and Pro Construction stayed on budget with the project. While change orders are inevitable, they represented just 1% of the total cost of the project with some change orders actually reducing cost. They delivered as promised, a quality building that the Airport Authority, Houston County and Pro Construction can be very proud of. I would not hesitate to utilize Pro Construction again for any construction project. They are a top tier company with top tier employees all of whom are professional in what they do and a joy to work with . "

    – James Marquardt - Perry-Houston County Airport Terminal & Hangar Building

  • "Please be advised that I have known Stephen Keys in a professional manner for about 4 years. He built a car wash for us and did a great job. He is now working on a 2nd car wash for us this year (2022). He is highly a highly respectable individual, and I strongly recommend him in both business and personal situations."

    – Jay Phillips - Jay's Car Wash (Multiple Projects)

  • "I would like to give my full support and recommendation of Stephen Keys and Pro Construction. We at the American Camellia Society hired Pro Construction to build our new Lois & Leon Silver Camellia Center. First, Stephen and his team provided the most clear and comprehensive proposal. They listened to our needs as an organization and were able to translate that into design, construction plans, detailed scope and schedules within our budget. They are also just simply very easy to work with. The Design phase of our project was fairly tedious, as we did not want to miss any opportunities. Stephen and his team were always on call to meet with us and really nail down the details. They were very up front and transparent about feasibility and other options to explore. They were also very prompt at gathering numerous material lists, pricing options and lending their expert opinions on the various applications. The Construction phase went as smoothly as anyone could ask. They worked efficiently through a very rainy winter to remain on schedule without compromising construction quality. The American Camellia Society is located at Massee Lane Gardens, which is a public garden. We are also busiest during the Winter. Stephen, his team and contractors always kept a very clean site and never interfered with our daily operations. We actually had curious visitors striking up conversations with them on site. A couple of change orders, initiated by myself, were all accommodated and executed easily and all work was completed on schedule. Stephen also stands behind his work. Well after completion of our project, one of our fans malfunctioned due to manufacturer's defect. We contacted Pro Construction just to find out the model number and they took over fixing the problem. Pro Construction dealt with the manufacturer and the electrician to install a new fan at no cost to us. This is the kind of security I like in projects: knowing someone will do what they say they will do. We are very pleased with the finished product. The building came to fruition exactly as we and Pro Construction planned. We also developed a great relationship with Stephen, his team and will call Pro Construction for our next project. "

    – Matthew Israel - Mr. & Mrs. Leon Silver Camelliarie

  • "The level of quality by all the crews have been top notch and efficient. I look forward to doing more in the future with Pro Construction as the need arises."

    – Michael E. Cleveland, Area Construction Coordinator, Georgia Power Company

  • "I have had the pleasure of working with Stephen and his team on three very different and separate occasions. Stephen and his team stepped right in from day one and took control while working every day to ensure any needed changes were made and overall desires met. Pro Construction finished ahead of schedule and right on budget, while at the same time working seamlessly with my office staff and architect. It is without hesitation that I provide my fullest endorsement to Stephen and his team at Pro Construction."

    – Stewart C. Vernon, Founder and CEO, ASP Franchising, LLC

  • "I have had the pleasure of working with Pro Construction of GA on the addition to The City of Knowledge in Lilburn, GA. This project had certain challenges with tying into an existing facility, all done while the facility was operating. In the daily course of action, I found Pro Construction to be thorough, efficient, and fair. This project benefited from their handling of the unanticipated challenges that naturally evolve as part of each development process on almost a daily basis. They handled themselves in a professional manner with an awareness of both schedule and budget. What made this project most successful is how Pro Construction adjusted and adapted to overcome any situation."

    – Ali Adibi, Chair, Board of Directors, Ahlulbait Foundation

  • "I was particularly impressed by the persistence and ingenuity of Stephen Keys and his team in working to resolve our water intrusion issues and dry out the church basement, which is now free from moisture problems for the first time in the more than 40 years I have been connected with this church."

    – Charles R. Adams III, Chairman Board of Trustees Fort Valley United Methodist Church

  • "Stephen Keys has been in the construction business for decades. I have known him personally for more than 10 years. He supervised the building of my 7,000-square foot office and our community’s 12,000-square foot religious worship and community center. He is a man of integrity and punctuality. He is very dependable and trustworthy. I will use him again for future constructions. It is without reservation I would recommend him for construction and building projects."

    – Maher Abdulla, MD

  • "A branch expansion and renovation project of this scope could have been detrimental to our daily operations. We are pleased that this project was completed in a timely and professional manner with very little disruption for our members. Since the branch was open during construction, the safety of our members and staff has been regarded as a top priority. It has been a pleasure working with you during the branch expansion and renovation project in Dublin, Georgia. We appreciate your professionalism and integrity."

    – Debbie W. Smith, Chief Operating Officer, Georgia United Credit Union